Friday, August 20, 2010

More Ohio From My Window

One nice thing about the new job we are doing is that we drive around and see even more of a local area than we did before.  And if I tag along and help Nathan out, then that means I can take pictures while we drive around.  I really love that!
I'm really enjoying being in this area during the summer months.  With all the fields full of growing corn, it just feels like summer to me when I look around.  Is it weird that I keep wanting to stop, take my shoes off and lie down in one of these fields and smell and feel the earthiness there?  Because that is what I keep finding myself thinking when I do look at the life that is so abundant in the fields.  After years of living in Florida, it's kind of nice to have this season feel special rather than having what feels like year round summer until you don't appreciate it so much.

On the other hand, I do love winters in Florida so while I love this area right now...not so much in the winter.  Because it is just not quite the same taking your shoes off and lying down in the fields then.  Unless you are making snow angels that is.

It really is some beautiful landscape to look at while driving and the people are just wonderful here.

Living the life in Ohio!