Friday, August 6, 2010

Jefferson Ohio From My Window



Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Your scrapbooking technique is phenomenal Krystal, perfect for these lovely old homes. We liked Ohio when we were there.

What are you guys doing? Are you looking for things for the kids to see? Checking off more states? (That's kind of our goal this trip), or are you just wandering where the spirit takes you (that's kind of us too).... just curious.

Show Us The World said...

For now, we are going where the job took us. And checking off more states. It's the first since we went full time that we weren't hand picking where we want to go. It's very different to travel this way, and not quite as kid friendly. But as with all things, there have been some good things that have come from it also!

I will say after traveling this way, that I'm much more inclined to travel where the spirit takes us. It has greatly freed me up in that way.

I am loving your blog posts lately!