Monday, September 13, 2010

Harris Hill in Elmira New York

Aric and I went with Nathan to help him work today, so I was able to see more of this area.  It is just beautiful here.  Here is a waterfall on the side of the road:
 And Aric getting close to the action:
We drove all around the area, finishing up with stopping at a park.  Nathan was looking for something on the GPS, so I got out to look around at the Rails to Trails bike path there.  There was a gentlemen standing there looking at the lake.  He seemed so sad, with the kind of heavy grief that is normally from losing a loved one.  I told Nathan I wanted to go and just hug him and when I said that, he looked over and waved like he felt our love.  It was so neat.

After that, we headed to Harris Hill, in Elmira.  We had a client there, so we visited him first.  Then we went up the hill to the Soaring Center Museum which was closed.  There was an overlook there that was really wonderful.  We sat in one of the swings there and watched the sunset.
Living the life in New York!


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Beautiful pictures lately Krystal.

Is there something to do with Mark Twain in Elmira -- it seems like I've read something about that.