Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mexican Train with Bob and Vicki

We are leaving tomorrow, and we've hardly seen Bob and Vicki since we got here, so we are thrilled that we made plans to play Mexican Train with them tonight.  Before I get into the evening, I have to talk a bit about Bob and Vicki.
 We all adore Bob and Vicki.  You know how there are certain people that just find a way deep into your heart?  They are those people for us.  Vicki was the first person to tell us about Mexican Train.  She was the first to teach Austin and I pickleball after Barb sucked us into the game.  Vicki spent hours and I mean HOURS that first day with us.  That's just how she is patient and kind.  Bob always has a twinkle in his eye and has a wicked pickleball serve and game.  They are tons of fun to spend time with.  Beyond that they are just what Austin always calls "good people".  We find ourselves breathing easier when we are around people like them.
 Don't let that fool you though, because they will still play to beat the pants off of you when playing Mexican Train!  We started out with Aric in the lead and Nathan with the Good Sport ribbon.  Every time I see a picture of Aric, I am glad he shaved all of his hair off so you can see his handsome face now.  That and I got tired of people thinking he was homeless.  Bad enough we live in a RV, we don't need people thinking we have no home at all thanks to him!  Just kidding, Aric.  You look mah-velous now though.
At some point, Bob pulled into the lead.  I think Vicki's bathroom trips where she could see all what we all had on our trays had something to do with this...but I can't quite figure out I'm not tossing out any accusations just yet.  Austin decides that Bob is winning, so they are now "homies".  Or maybe they are homies because the two of them combined talk almost as much trash as Dean does by himself.  Either way, I think he thought that meant he got to wear the ribbon too.  (Note the long sleeved shirt that Austin wore so he could stick dominoes up his sleeves.  I'm on to him too!)
Bob said once he got the ribbon, he never gave it up.  So I think Austin needs another game plan if he wants to wear the ribbon.  Then again, Austin does have youth on his side....
Sadly, Bob's prediction was right.  He did keep that ribbon for the rest of the night after he took first place.  Nathan was even stingier though.  He wore his ribbon the whole night and never once shared it with anyone.
We had a great night with them.  Can't wait to see them and everyone else again in Florida!

Living the life with laughter in Michigan!


Anonymous said...

Hi Krystal,

How neat to see your boys! Austin looks so grown up! I always loved it when Matt shaved his head.

I'm glad you all are still having such a great time traveling. I can see how making new friends would be one of the best parts of it!

Hugs, Patti