Friday, September 10, 2010

New York Landscape From My Window

I've gotten fairly good at shooting pictures from my window in a moving truck.  Today I called Diana while out with Nathan so that I could tell her how wonderful it is here and ask her to come and visit us.  Nathan wasn't about to wait around for me and my marathon long phone call, so I managed to shoot and talk on the phone too.  I'm sharing that to explain why I managed to catch the rear view mirror in almost every single picture today.

This area really is so beautiful.  I'm glad we got to visit here.  Did you hear that honey?  I'm glad we came here.  I really didn't want to come to New York this year...but so glad we did now that I'm here.
The colors are just gorgeous here.  Not quite fall colors yet, but right on the brink of that change.
I've been fascinated by cornfields this year.  Maybe it is because we were out west last year and didn't see any there.  Maybe it is because we stayed in one place long enough to see them growing.  Either way, it just feels like summer and feels like America to me when we drive by them.
I'm also feeling sentimental about farms since I lived in an area surrounded by them at one point in my life.
I think I'm going to feel a bit sad when summer seems officially over this year.  On the other hand, I love Fall when we are in the northern areas so maybe I will just be thrilled to enjoy the fun of that too.

Living the life in New York!


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

you guys are really getting around. I'm glad for the fall like weather too!!

DDonald said...

You are really making me miss New York, especially since you are now sooooo close to where we were born and raised. We lived in the Finger Lakes area, at the southern end of Senaca Lake in one of those little towns like Dundee - called Beaver Dams!!!! Dundee was where the family went to watch and race Stock Cars on Friday or Saturday nights!! Your pictures of Dundee truly show the special charm in that area. Have fun.........Hope you're heading back to Florida this winter. We miss you guys!!

Show Us The World said...

We are very close to where you grew up! It is just gorgeous here. We are definitely heading back to Florida for the winter. We miss you too!