Saturday, October 2, 2010

Holley, NY to Lebanon, PA and Low Bridges

Today we left New York and started our journey back south. We landed in Lebanon, PA and are staying at the Thousand Trails there.

Since we just left the Erie Canal, Low Bridge Everybody Down has been a line from a song we've been singing. It also translates into our lives so often when we are traveling. Today we had to turn around in someone's driveway when we met up with a low bridge. Only to come in contact with another within minutes.

I've had people ask us, what do you do when you get to a low bridge? So I decided to document it to show you. This is what happens when you are not sure if you'll make it. You get out and watch to see if you'll make it or not. In this case Austin goes to the front of the truck and I'm sort of in the back, meaning I'm taking pictures while watching the back.

 We were good, except for the heat pump unit which was a little too close for my comfort. We made it through though and were good to go. Oddly enough, this is normal for us to stop and get out of the truck and do this.  I'm sure others don't quite see it that way though!