Thursday, October 7, 2010

If I Could Talk to the Animals

Since we were able to spend time in the zoo other people free today, it meant I could try to get video clips for our Reach the World articles.  I love it when I can sit and talk to the animals because it makes the whole zoo thing so much more fun.  Normally the animals just ignore humans.  Today they interacted with us some.

For example, I was talking to that big bear trying to talk him into swimming.  He was pretty stubborn.  After he sat up, he looked over at us like...yeah, this is all you're getting from me.
 The highlight of my day was when this lovely lady actually talked to me.  I was telling her how gorgeous she was and how she was the prettiest big cat I've ever seen in a zoo and she stopped, looked right at me and made a kitten like noise.  I talked back to her, and she responded again.  We went back and forth and had a little conversation.  Nathan tried to get it on video and she stopped.  As soon as he stops trying to record, she of course starts talking to me again.  It was pretty awesome!
Since my animal whisperer skills seemed to be in top form today, when we got to this guy, I tried again.  He was in the log, poking his head out.
I let him know that I would love it if he'd go and climb since the sign said he was a great climber.
Then I pleaded with him to get closer, so I could get a really good picture of him.  I told him if he'd come right in front of me on this log, that would be great.  I kid you not, he did it.  Then he looked at me with his oh so adorable face like, "is this good?".
In my next chapter of life, I'm going to work with animals.  I had no idea they were easier to work with than humans!  Seriously though, they made my day.  I went into the zoo in a complete funk and went out walking on air thanks to them.

Living the life in Pennsylvania where the animals speak human!