Thursday, October 21, 2010

One Night of Pickleball with Friends

We are in Williamsburg, but some of our pickleball friends are over at Chesapeake.  Yesterday Mira and I got our hair cut...she so kindly set up an appointment for me at her hairdresser's place.  The stylist cut off layers and layers of hair and there was a big pile left on the floor to show me just how much when she was done.  It was so good to see Rene and Mira again that we decided today to head over and see if we could play some pickleball with the crowd that was at TT's. 

Rene and Mira were not there because they were getting some work done on their rig.  Dean and Margie and Bob and Vicki where there though.  They kindly gave up their game of Mexican Train to play with us for a night.  We had a great time with them.  We are heading back to Florida tomorrow, so it was good to see them one last time before we do head south.