Saturday, September 17, 2011

Trip To Pick Up Austin

This weekend we headed back over to the Shenandoah Valley to pick up Austin.  Since he was at Mom's house and that made it an eight hour round trip, we decided to go ahead and just stay for the weekend.
 Since we went full time I've rarely been able to come and stay at her house.  In fact this year might be the first I've ever stayed at this house.  It is definitely the first I can recall staying when we were the only ones around for most of the visit.  Normally we all get together meaning the brothers and their families.  This time we had a whole day and a half with just her.  As much as we enjoy the others, it was really wonderful to just hang out and have time with her that way. 

We spent Saturday shopping with her.  She took us all over Harrisonburg.  We went to the Farmer's Market where we stocked up on bulk foods.  We went to Costco to look at some things.  We stopped at a few furniture places because we are looking for a kitchen island.  She went to a store and got us a popcorn popper that I'd said I'd love to have (and I do LOVE it). 

We then went to another Farmer's Market where she got us a cornhole toss game as part of our Christmas gift.  It is the nicest one we've seen before or since.  Really nice quality and much bigger than the ones you normally get in the store.  We played a few games with it and I think Mom and I were the best of the four of us.  I'm not saying the guys weren't good, I'm saying we were better.  I am sure that will be short lived though because Nathan and Austin will play 24 hours a day until they get better than me.  It's just how they are. 

Nathan, who is notorious for hating any physical labor at all, did some painting for her.

While he worked I went outside to check on him.  That didn't take long so I took advantage of the views from my MIL's yard.
We used the internet as much as we could because we've been without fast internet for a long time now.  Mostly we just enjoyed the time together with family though.  I had some complications with my healing, meaning I somehow managed to get boils where my dressings were.  This delayed staple removal, which meant by now the staples were hurting.  Even with that going on, I had a wonderful visit.  Very relaxing and lots of fun.  Thanks, Mom for everything!


Lukira said...

Wow, how gorgeous!