Sunday, September 11, 2011

Virginia Living Museum

The last two times we were in this area, we said we wanted to visit the Virginia Living Museum.  We drove over one weekend day just to find out they had already closed by the time we arrived.  Since I was in recovering mode and couldn't do a whole lot of physical activity, we figured today would be a great day.  We were not disappointed in our choice.

I'm not sure how to describe this place.  It is part museum and part zoo would be as good of a description as I can come up with.  The outdoors area has an area with water and boardwalks.
There are many animals out here to see.
The inside area is part museum displays and interactive learning fun and then has more animals too.  Their website says they have over 250 animal and plant exhibits there.  They also have a planetarium which we did not visit.  We loved this place!
On a side note: the pictures are not great in quality or number because I only used the camera on my phone to take them.  I could not bear the thought of lugging the big camera around today.  I stupidly thought when they released me and said no restrictions beyond heavy lifting that it meant I would be up to doing anything but heavy lifting.  I really was shocked how sore and tired I was after surgery.  So this was a short trip and a laid back trip for us, due to my body telling me it did indeed have some restrictions!

Living the life in Virginia!


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Virginia does have wonderful parks, but we missed this one. We visited the Great Dismal Swamp -- but I thought it was in North Carolina -- guess I need to revisit my notes.

Hope you're continuing to mend and feel better