Friday, September 30, 2011

Myrtle Beach State Park~The Boardwalk

When we were in OBX this summer, one question I was asked over and over again on the phone was, "is there a boardwalk there?".  There wasn't.  There is one here in Myrtle Beach though.  We haven't visited it yet so I can't share what I think of it.  I can say that I've loved all of the boardwalks I have visited so far so I am guessing I will love the one here too.

In the meantime, we enjoyed the boardwalk at the State Park.  It connects the park areas to the beach and connects the access points to the beach to each other.  
There is just something about boardwalks that scream summer to me.  I know, it isn't summer...but it still feels like summer here. 
And the view is just gorgeous from here!  I'm content to just hang here for a bit!  Can you blame me?

Living the life in South Carolina!