Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day Four~Day at Sea

One of the things we enjoyed about the cruise was what we encountered all day long on the last day, or the day "at sea".  There was something to do all day long and we did not have to do any of the work involved.  We were able to show up and just enjoy it.  While it is not how I'd want to travel, or even want to live all the time-it was nice to be able to do that for this time period.  It really was so nice to let someone else worry about all the ins and out of how to make it all work.  

We ended up doing many of the shows and contests while we were on the ship and we thought they were enjoyable overall.  My only complaint at all, in fact, was one of the shows where there was far too much skin showing for my tastes. It didn't add to the beautiful dancing for me, it just made it seem more cheap.  Beyond that, I thought it was very family friendly and even though some of it was silly, it was fun.

Case in point: the Belly Flop Contest!  First off, I have to share a picture of the cruise director Marc who made all things fun, even more fun.  He was what I want to call a cutie patootie but most guys hate that so I will instead say he was gifted with a charismatic personality.  He was really witty and seemed to love his job and love people.  And he had an adorable foreign accent to boot.
 Back to the Belly Flop Contest.  Picture lots of people on the pool deck watching six poor souls provide entertainment for the rest of us.
They had to stand up and tell us about themselves.
Provide a little dancing:
And then leap into the air and do a belly flop.
Mr Tony, the dive instructor was the last contestant.  No, I don't think that was his name but he reminded me of Tony on Seinfeld.  So he became Mr. Tony to us.
He was also the winner!
You know how when you are in high school and engaged in the silliest of things, that you think are the most important things because well, they are in your world.  When you are there adults look at you and sigh and say, enjoy it while it lasts because once you grow up you won't be able to spend your days like that?  You kind of do get to do that all over again when you are on a cruise.  You truly do get to spend all day long doing silly, meaningless but fun things....because that is all there is to do there.  And while a steady diet of that would be nauseating to me, a vacation sized dose of it was just what the doctor ordered.

Living the life at sea and already thinking of how we can get the kids to join our next cruise!


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

A vacation from reality for sure!