Saturday, July 7, 2012

Vacation Time!

I forgot how much work it is to go on vacation before you go on vacation!  We have not actually had a vacation for years and years.  Sure, we took trips to visit family and maybe did a night away or even a weekend away, but we did not take a vacation where nobody worked for a whole week since we lived in Virginia.

We talked about this on our way over to Cocoa Beach and also talked about the differences in living a life where a vacation never even enters our mind and one where vacations are almost vital to help you step away from your daily life and renew your bonds together and your own inner self.  We are looking forward to getting back to the lifestyle where vacations never even enter our minds since we by far prefer that, but for now we are grateful we can at least take vacations to give us something different and give us a way to get away and have fun together.

The really fun part of the vacation planning was that the ladies in my life joined in the fun and helped me plan, pack and even loaned me clothes and books for the cruise.  How great are they!? !  Other friends graciously kept Ava for us so we did not have to send her to a kennel.  Again, so great of them to do this for us so we did not have to worry about her.  And I knew lots of people in the park would keep a close eye on Austin while we were gone and one of our friends kept an extra super close eye on him so we did not have to worry about him at all.

We headed out about noon today, turned right back around and came back to get my purse that I forgot.  My purse with our boarding passes and passports that is!  So glad I remembered two minutes away rather than two hours away.  We made it to Cocoa Beach in great time, checked into our hotel and then did our first cruise related thing here.  We went to the dive shop to buy snorkel gear.

 I went to get my hair cut after that.  (Donna, can you believe I finally got a hair cut!)  It's been a year since I had one so it was overdue.  The girl cut my bangs reaalllly short so I am now rethinking having a hair cut the day before a cruise.  We had a nice dinner, spent time talking about all we wanted to do on the cruise and got to bed early since we were getting up early the next morning.