Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Flying Tigers and The Tampa Rays

In our attempt to find interesting things to do while staying in one location for a year, we have been visiting the stadium where the Detroit Tigers do their spring training.  During the summer, the farm league named The Flying Tigers plays here.  The prices can't be beat for a game and food combo.  One night a week they offer tickets for $1.00 and you can buy hot dogs, peanuts, and a drink for $1 each.  Another night they do a ticket and all you can eat food combo price.  Both nights make for a cheap date night and we get to mingle with the locals.  Well, the somewhat locals since Lakeland is not exactly local to Wauchula.  We've had a lot of fun listening in on the conversations of those who obviously are devoted fans to the team, and their ease in sharing the rest of their lives too.  Since we have not lived in "only one place" for some time now, it is a fascinating thing to us to remember how the rest of our society lives!

We were also lucky enough to see a Tampa Rays game thanks to Nick and Tonyia.  We were spoiled at this game, getting to sit in the section down near the field, with tons of great food and drinks.  We owe them something special after this nice treat!
 Living the life in HOT FL!