Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kenly NC-Tobacco Farm Life Museum

We must still be tired, because this morning we slept in until after nine. We kept waking up and then would doze off again and just couldn't seem to get out of bed. We tried to attach the screen room, but the parties involved deemed it way too much work so we've decided to sell that one and buy a freestanding one instead. Between those two things, we didn't get headed out to do sight seeing until fairly late in the afternoon. That's ok, because the place we wanted to see didn't open until two.

We visited a neat museum that told us how tobacco is grown and harvested and what some parts of life was like for tobacco farmers in the early 1900's to the 1950's. First, we had to get a drink.

Proof that sometimes there is more joy in the doing than in the getting. Next, we went through the museum that had some hands on things for children.

After that we went to the blacksmith shop where a real blacksmith was giving a hands on demonstration. This is a working shop which made it even better for us. He let one of us actually learn how to work with the metal and tools while there. It was awesome!

And then we went to see all of the buildings, including a one room schoolhouse.

We'd recommend this museum, not just for the museum itself, but the staff was superb.

After leaving there, we stopped at a Super Wal-Mart which was insanely busy. I'm not sure why I'd even bother to stop there since I'm not the biggest fan, but it's what we saw and we needed food. We took our turn at making dinner and the kids asked to cook dinner for tomorrow night so it looks like I'll only have to cook once every three nights when we have traveling buddies along. Sweeeeet!

It was short day, but a very nice, relaxing day for us. We think the weather is still very enjoyable. The bugs however, are not. 'Eh, no place is perfect.