Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Two days and Counting!

Today we are really beginning to feel as if this is IT, we are down to the wire now. The house is pretty empty, we have donated and dumped truck loads of things and we are giving anything and everything away to those who need it. It is incredible to see how much stuff we have, when instead of simply moving it from one house to another, we have to actually find a new home for each and every object. It makes it so much more of a conscious event. We sat and wondered aloud if we will even want to accumulate "stuff" again if/when we settle down again. For now, we have no idea how this will change us. We are just excited that this leg of our life journey is closing in and we are moving on to the next one. Steven came over tonight and as he shared what he will be doing when he graduates from school, I kept thinking how amazing it is that we will be traveling by land and he will be traveling by sea. It is also still amazing to me that we will be able to travel with some of our favorite family members and their great kids. I am taking lots of deep breaths, to get me through the next few days. I'm past the transition stage and just want to be DONE with all of this part.