Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our first destination

A picture of our new house and the "men" at a rest stop in South Carolina.

We finally headed out-"on the road". We left yesterday afternoon and made it to Brunswick, Georgia. We stayed at a nice campground with even nicer people. We got up early this morning and drove to Four Oaks, North Carolina where we met up with our favorite traveling buddies. They are the icing on the top of this fabulous gift. And speaking of icing and gifts, they even remembered my birthday had just passed and bought me a birthday cake. Ok, they did dinner and the cake for us! So we drove in, they helped us hook up and we got to put our feet up and relax. How awesome is that? The drive to get here was smooth and the scenery was gorgeous. We are at another nice campground and the weather is wonderful. Life is good. We were just discussing whether it has truly hit us now that we've driven to another state. We decided that yes, the fact we are now going to see the US has hit us, but the fact that we no longer have a house to go back home to is still a foreign concept. I wonder how long it will be before that seems normal to us? Or will it always seem odd to us? It will be interesting to see.