Friday, July 25, 2008

Our first RAK

It hasn't really hit me yet that this is real. And that is most likely because we are still in our home state and at our campground that we've been at for the past year. We are still wrapping up business, meaning amongst other things selling the few things like ATV's and our kayak, that we hadn't sold yet. Today we went to do our week's worth of laundry and it did hit me just a bit that this is our life now. We aren't doing laundry here because I don't want to haul laundry home. This is my only option. It was great to do a week's worth of laundry in just a few hours so I think I'll be ok with that part of our new life. While we were there, we had a neat experience. I always carry Bookcrossing ( books in my car so I can leave them in places we encounter. I normally carry adult books, but had the thought that when we do laundry there will be children that are there, bored and looking for entertainment, so I stuck some children's books in my box. I saw a young girl yesterday that appeared to be hanging out with her mother who was the attendant. I went and grabbed some books, brought them in and asked her if she liked to read and would she like the books. Yes and thank you! Neat, I thought and didn't think another thing of it. When we went to leave we saw that she and her mother were reading through the books together. If that wasn't enough to make me grin, I realized that she was actually teaching her mother to read English by using the books. Made.My.Day. I hope to have many, many moments like that in our travels.


Eileen said...

Awesome! I just love stuff like that. And you.