Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lynchburg, VA

We left our traveling buddies and North Carolina bright and early this morning. We headed up to the Thousand Trails campground near Lynchburg, Virginia. It was a short three hour drive, which we decided was a fabulous distance to travel in one day. After unhooking and leveling, we went to taste some local food and upon the recommendation of a local we tried Napoli's restaurant. Great Italian food with good prices! Then we headed back to the resort for some fun. This is only our second Thousand Trails experience and we've been pleased so far. This is a really nice place to spend a few days. There is a lake with boats and sand volleyball. We played mini golf, fooz ball and ping pong ball for most of the afternoon. The staff seems so nice and helpful. We will go out and do some sight seeing tomorrow and hopefully find a new cat/kitten.


Anonymous said...

Love the blog!! It looks great and I enjoyed catching up on your "great adventure" so far. I hope everyone stays healthy now - sorry to see you were sick awhile back.

I sent you an email with a couple of questions so I won't repeat them here. :) I will be following your progress with great interest - IDK if we would ever make such a huge step, but I think I told you we are planning to homeschool Rachel. Actually, she's already learned a lot just from "unschooling" her and reading/playing/writing/drawing and different experiences and activities. It's all good! :)

Love and hugs,

(had to post as Anonymous as I couldn't get my Blogger password to work today!) :)

littlecastle said...

I hope you received my email in return. And hoping you do send pictures of Rachel to me. :) It'll be interesting to see if you do take such a huge leap, or something similar in time.

It is amazing what they do learn when "unschooling" them, huh? I love getting to be alongside for the ride as my children do grow and learn. It sounds like you enjoy it in the same way.

I agree, it's all good. :)

Anonymous said...

Uh-oh - I wasn't counting on you looking at my blog! The little sisters are going to be mailed out next week. I don't know for sure how to get you yours! Anyway - I love your blog - and as a teacher, "unschooling" sounds pretty cool! Hugs!