Friday, July 11, 2008

On the Mend!

I'm thrilled this morning to be feeling so much better. A few of us are heading up to the place where the RV is now located to start "moving" in. Some of the other of us get to stay and sell things, mainly on Craigslist. I have decided that the people who buy on Craigslist are their own unique brand of people (and we buy on Craigslist, lol). They are people who want a bargain. Not quite yard sale bargain, but still a bargain. They are the people who will drive 60 miles for an item that we are selling for $10 and talk us down to $5.00 and then ask what we have for free. Ok, so only half of them do the last one. We have had amazing success using Craiglist though so I truly hate to say much else beyond thank goodness for this venue, given our time crunch and sheer load of things to dispose of. Oh wait, I do want to say ONE more thing on this topic. Another Craigslist people fact is that so far 100% have asked why we are selling whatever item we are and 95% of them are jealous of the life we are about to lead. I'd have never guessed that many people would say, "I wish I could do that". We don't tell them that they in fact could do that, for the same reason that we don't try to convince people to homeschool. Just interesting and it's been a nice boost to have so much enthusiasm surrounding us. Eight days and counting!