Monday, December 21, 2009

Attempts at Family Pictures

I like to do group shots of us at least once a year.  And every year I remember why we hardly ever took family portraits when I had all five kids at home.  It's just fine when it's me and the girls.  My girls are focused and ready for action when it comes to taking pictures!

Somehow when the boys enter the mix, it just isn't quite as easy though.   I'm not quite sure what the problem is.  I can't quite put my finger on it.

Notice the super model who stays spot on, regardless of the distractions!
  She's a pro!

Can you guess the drama star of the family?

It doesn't help any when Dad is on the other side and I'm taking the pictures.

That's ok.  Someday they will have kids and I can always teach them to do the same!

At least they are old enough to take pictures of us now.  That is one sign they are growing up.  As for the rest, I have to laugh because they are still such kids at heart at times.  I hope they never lose that.  Even if it does mean I can't get great family pictures of us all.

Ashleigh, we missed you today!  It's just not the same without you.  Although as you can see, they can act just as silly without you!  Happy Holidays from the silly family!


jaci said...

Just keeping it real. Love it, Krystal! What a REAL family you have.:)

Becky said...

Love it! So glad to know we aren't the only family who can't take a good group shot!(although those pics are wonderful and made me smile. Who says a good group shot has to be lacking movement and fun, right??)

laurie l. goodman said...

hey, i don't know what you're talking about, i think these are GREAT family shots! lots of fun and love there...happy holidays to you and yours also! :)

Eileen said...

I just loved that! The pictures and the words. Nice!