Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Goodbye Florida Keys

We waved a sad goodbye to the Florida Keys today. 

As sad as we were to leave, we were happy to be heading to Fort Lauderdale again.  We spent the night with Bryce, Renie and our grandkids.  We got them a Wii game for Christmas and had fun playing that together.  Liv and I did some crafts and chatted.  Gabe adored Austin and spent as much time by his side as he could.  The dogs snuggled up to Nathan.  We had a wonderful time.

Austin has been sick this past week and I'm afraid he passed it on to me.  So I am looking forward to heading out tomorrow where we will stay put for three weeks.  I'm hoping I can rest and heal there.

Happy Holidays!


laurie l. goodman said...

get better krystal!!! and austin!!!
nice memories made...gorgeous pic!
safe travels!

Celandine said...

Nice post this picture is really great and
i would like to see more of it in the
coming days.
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Celandine said...

Last year when we were in Florida to celebrate Christmas and new year....while returning back to home it was a very painful and sad experience to wave goodbye to that marvelous place.
holidays in florida keys