Thursday, December 31, 2009

End of the Year Pickleball Tournament

Last week Nathan announced to me that he was going to host a pickleball tournament.  I know the other wives out there will understand me when I say what that really meant was *we* were going to do a pickleball tournament.  I'm so glad he did decide to do this, because it was great fun for us.

We had a great turnout!  After a week full of a huge pickleball crowd, we were a little concerned we'd have so many players that it would take all day to finish.  Instead we had enough people to do both a men's and women's tournament and it lasted a decent amount of time, without being all day long.

Here are the players:

Some of the action, starting with Ken and Austin.  Ken always has that great smile on his face:

Regal Faye with Kim.  This week is the first I've met Kim.  She is a hoot.  She makes the game so much more fun!

Here is Kim with Diane.  Diane is a fellow South Floridian and is so cool.  And she rocks at pickleball!

 I've just met Kristie since we've been here too.  She was on a hot streak today!

Me, and given the direction that it appears the ball is moving, I'm guessing it was not a great hit.  I still get so intimidated and feel sorry for other people that they are stuck with me as their partner.  And the only reason I am sharing that is because I want to give some praise to the other women that play.  They are so gracious and sooooo encouraging to me.  I appreciate them so much!

Look at that concentration:

Meet Donna and Barbara, who are both awesome players.  And both so incredibly sweet and encouraging.

Here is another sweetheart Sheri, and lean mean winning machine Sally.  Not that Sally isn't sweet, but she plays to win!  I think that's the only shot I have of Sally.  The rest are probably just a blur!

Wait a minute, I do have more of Sally.  And here you can see the elegant Karen on the other side:

 Karen looks dainty, but she can play a mean game!

Sitting on the sidelines:

You'll have to go to Austin's blog to see the men's games because I was too busy watching the women to tell you much detail about the men.
Winners: Sallie-1st, Diane-2nd and Barbara-3rd:

Mike-1st, Austin-3rd and Dave-2nd:

Way to go winners and everyone else that played.  You made it tons of fun for us.  We hope you had fun too!

You can see the rest of our pictures here: Pickleball Tournament