Thursday, December 17, 2009

National Key Deer Refuge

There are some endangered animals in the Keys, and the key deer are some of those animals.  The key deer only live in the Keys in fact.

There is a refuge here for them.  They also limit the speed that you can drive in an attempt to keep them safe.  There are only around 800 of the deer.  Around 100 were killed by cars last year.  So what is so unique about these deer?

Their size!  They are on average two to three feet tall when fully grown.  They look just like the deer in Virginia, just smaller.

I think they are beautiful!

We drove around the island and enjoyed the sights and sounds beyond the deer.

And now we are hanging out.  Austin is working on our yearly Gingerbread House.  Every year he says he is not doing a gingerbread house because he is too old.  And every year, he jumps in and wants to do the whole thing alone.  He is quite the pro at it by now.  You can also see our Christmas tree in this picture:

It is about the size of the key deer here!  So cute! 

Living the life in the Florida Keys!


Becky said...

Can you believe I'm a native Floridian and have never been to the Keys? Your pics are making me feel that omission...we may have to do something about that. The deer are just beautiful! And the view of them wandering the neighborhood reminds me of the gators that used to climb out of our backyard canals and wander around. Only in Florida!!

little castle said...

Becky, I do believe it because I spent much of my childhood in Michigan and have never been to the Upper Peninsula!

Yes, only in Florida. It's kind of a magical place as far as the wildlife goes, huh?

Becky said...

You're a Michigander?! So's my hubby. They moved here when he was 2, so he's barely one, but his extended family are still scattered around the Detroit area.

I'm still in awe of his stories of going to visit and being taken across to Canada for ice cream -- in freezing weather with snow on the ground. Not something my southern self can fathom!

little castle said...

I am a Michigander! I lived quite a bit of my childhood in Texas too, but was born in Michigan and most of my family is still there.

You aren't missing anything with the snow and ice. ;p

jaci said...

I did know about key deer. BUT - I did not know there are only about 800 key deer left! That is really sad. :( So glad there is a refuge for them.

laurie l. goodman said...

ha! that's a cute tree :) and look at those little deer-how darling..can't imagine deer being endangered here. wow! very interesting!