Monday, December 28, 2009

Pickle Ball and Bowling Fun

We've had quite the crew here for pickle ball!  There is a family that has about 12 extended members that has joined our pickle ball fun.  That has probably doubled the normal numbers.  That means you sit out an awful lot waiting to play a game.  That was ok with me today though because we did some bowling in the afternoon so I needed some energy for that.

Not that it helped me any, because I still didn't do well with the bowling.  We went with a group from Torrey Oaks and with Faye and Ken.  Poor Faye and Ken got stuck with us and while they bowled well, we did not.  Although Austin did come in second the last game.  He was doing great that game!  We had fun even with the stinky scores!

Stan and Ken taught Austin some moves, so now he's taking the game seriously!

Faye and Ken:

Stan and Sally:

Even after a day full of activities, Austin wanted to go and join the Y here.  He stayed and worked out for two hours.  I'm hoping this means he goes to bed sometime soon tonight due to being worn out!

Living the life in Sunny Florida!


thelma showalter said...

Thanks for letting me travel with you all by way of the Blog. It has been great over the last year to travel with you all. I enjoy the beautiful pictures and seeing the family pictures. The grandkids and great grandkids are growing up so fast.
It is so neat to see all the wonderful people you all are meeting and sharing good times together. What a blessing to be able to travel the US and see all the great things God has made. I look at the blog every day to see if you posted something new.
Happy New Year
love Mom Showalter