Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Boy Takes Up Blogging

Austin has decided that he'd like to share his view of our journeys so he started his own blog.  I've never heard him express interest at all in blogging, so I was pleasantly surprised when he did do this.

I read his first post, did some basic grammar edits and sent it back with a note that he could just copy and paste my edit over his own if he wanted.  (Control freak much?  Nah, not me!)  To which he cracked up and said nice try Mom.....you just made my blog sound just like your blog.  No thanks. 

Here it is, in his own voice:


So far, I am his one and only follower which he most likely does not appreciate.  Any help there would be greatly appreciated!


DDonald said...

We just recently found your blog, and want you to know how much we enjoy it. We'll leave Austin a message as well - and yes we are now his followers too. Hope you all will come "follow" our Blog as well. We have your family photo out there from Torrey Oaks, and we have Austin with Buddy at his first "Jam" session. See U on D Courts!!! Rich and Donna Forlidapicklers.blogspot.com

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Hi Krystal. Happy New Year to everybody in your RV from everybody in ours.

Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

Had to laugh! I don't even like my kids posting to Facebook without me spellchecking it! It makes them so mad so I'm trying to hold my tongue!:) Talk about control freak! Stopped by Austin's blog and will have my kids check it out too. Really enjoyed it! Think he'd consent to an interview on my blog?

little castle said...

Tonya, glad someone else can relate to it. I will just have to edit in my head I guess, lol.

Yes, I think he'd do an interview for your blog! Just let me know when.

little castle said...

Sallie, thank you and same to you. I have been watching your blog to see how your husband is doing. I hope he is healing as well as can be expected. Actually, I hope he is far better than they expect!

Happy New Year!

unschoolermom said...

That is awesome! I can't wait to read it!