Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Austin's Virginia Adventures

Austin has been staying with Nathan's side of the family, and has been involved in all kinds of new things.  Out of all of the siblings, he is the most interested in being around family and knowing the family history.  I wonder if it isn't because he was still quite young when we moved to a place where we had no family around.  Whatever the reason, he loves it when he can spend time with family.  From the oldest to the youngest, like little Ray.
He has been visiting family places and learning the histories there.  He has been learning about the Civil War and the history in that area.  He has been working hard for a farmer and making lots of money.  Most of what he is doing sounds awesome to me.  
At the heart of it, he is still a city boy though.  So he doesn't know that "leaves of three, let it be".  
Poor guy.  Even though I'm not good at nurturing sick people, I still wish he were with us so I could baby him while he is feeling so miserable.  I am glad that he is with people who do love him and will take care of him.  

Living the life in two different states!


DDonald said...

Family is here to enjoy and treasure forever! Good for Austin. Poor Guy! Hope he gets feeling well soon.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Just wanting you to know we're thinking of you and hoping you and yours are safe.

Thumper said...

vinegar then calamine lotion. He'll be pink, but won't itch so bad!