Thursday, August 18, 2011

Waterspouts on Pamlico Sound

One nice thing about staying put in areas for a longer period of time, is that we learn things from the people there that we wouldn't know otherwise.  For example, when I got to work today someone asked me if I saw the waterspouts out there.  I had no idea what a waterspout was.  They said go and look out the window and look up at the sky.  Once I saw it, I had no idea how I missed it on my way to work.  I called Nathan and sent him out to take some pictures of them.
Waterspouts are tornadoes that are over the water instead of land.  And they are something else to watch.
You learn something new every day!


Unknown said...

Wow! That's amazing, can they come onto land and act like a normal tornado?

Show Us The World said...

From what I understand, they can. Thank goodness we did not see that happen!

Thumper said...

You should share these pics with the Weather Channel. Good water spouts are hard to catch! Nice job. Enjoy where you're at on the road to where you are going. ;)

jaci said...

THAT is cool! I saw a waterspout once over Donner Lake. but it was nothing compared to the one you blogged about. COOL