Monday, August 29, 2011

The Shenandoah Valley

We have been busy, busy, busy since we hit the valley.  Between seeing Austin and the rest of the family, we've hardly had time to catch our breath.  We spent the night at Memaw's, and Ava decided that Memaw is the bomb....just like Austin thinks she is.  On Sunday, the guys took the kids and they went up on the mountain and went skeet shooting.  The ladies all went to see the movie The Help.  Nathan and I had already seen the movie, but I loved it so much that I was happy to see it again. 

We have a very short visit, due to the holiday weekend coming in (we can't stay at this place then).  So we are trying to enjoy what little time we do have.  The valley is as beautiful as always.  Beyond our heavy hearts over the devastation in OBX, we are trying to enjoy where we are.