Sunday, October 9, 2011

Brookgreen Gardens~Animal Show

I've already shared so many of the neat parts of Brookgreen Gardens, but I didn't want to forget this part before I move on because we enjoyed it so much.  While we were sitting and eating our lunch, we heard this neat woman doing a Meet the Animals show.
We headed over there after we were done eating so we could catch the rest of the show.  I'm glad we did because we got there in time for Nathan to make friends with a snake.
Not to be outdone by a grown man, this cutie pie followed suit:
His sister was thinking thanks but no thanks.  Same as me!  We also got to meet an eastern screech owl.

She/He was a real beauty.  Completely calm during the whole show like she'd been a stage star her whole life.

We had a great time learning lots of neat facts and being a bit more up close and personal with the animals!