Monday, October 10, 2011

Myrtle Beach SC to Wauchula FL

Yesterday we headed south for our yearly migration to Florida.  We went halfway landing in Brunswick, Georgia.  We originally planned to spend a week there before heading to Florida but someone was anxious to get to Florida and asked if we could skip Georgia, so we agreed to alter our plans so we could accommodate that request.

We hit heavy traffic and it rained hard the second day so travel was slow.  Much slower than it normally is.  We were so happy to get to one of the places we call "home" which is Peace River Thousand Trails.  Our friend Buddy and his pretty partner Diane are here.  Rich and Donna are supposed to arrive at the end of this week.  We picked out a nice spot that we hope to stay at for the next several months.

We will miss the beach while we are here but we will not miss the tempting (read fattening) food that we encountered in SC.  This is one example of the food we did come across and Austin was brave enough to eat.  Fried Corn:
We had fun what little bit of travel we did this year and we are looking forward to a wonderful winter with the good people that are here.