Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weekend Project

We have not really changed anything in our RV since we bought it.  We have more than made up for that now though.  When we bought the RV, we bought it to accommodate five of us.  Now there are three of us.  Soon there will be two of us.

Our needs have changed, so we have tossed around the idea of getting a different RV when Austin left home.  I would like a smaller RV.  Nathan would like a less expensive RV.  But we also love the RV we have.

Jack and Ruth that we became friends with this summer inspired us to think outside the box and make our current RV something we'd love.  So we decided instead of having three bedrooms and one and a half baths that we would now have two big bedrooms and one bathroom.  When Austin leaves home, we can use his bedroom for Nathan's office.

It was a lot of hard work on the guy's part this weekend, helping to make these changes.  I caught a few shots in the midst of the tearing the walls down.  Nathan, who hates all kinds of physical labor, so give him a big hand:
And the room with the walls tore out and the bathroom almost "gone".
Whew!  What a mess!  I spent today cleaning up and sorting through stuff, which led to many bags of goodies to be donated.  It's funny, we think we live so light now given all we own fits in our RV.  But each time I go through our things we find more and more that we don't really need.  The longer we live this way, the lighter we want to live.  But we also accumulate gadgets and gizmos along the way so we are far from cured when it comes to consumerism.

I will try to remember to snap some pictures when we have the room finished and decorated the way Austin wants to.


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Wow! You really have a big RV! I thought ours was large, but can't imagine two bedrooms and an extra half bath. Nice to have friends to help; sounds like a great idea to do it this way.

Rich and Donna said...

What a great idea - To make it YOUR WAY!! We are so glad that you guys decided to winter here. So look forward to spending time with all of you. But we need to get you out and about. Hope the eye is better!