Friday, October 28, 2011

Why Being a Picture Freak Can Be a Good Thing

It drives my family nuts that I'm a picture freak.  If I had a dime for every time one of my kids said, Mom...enough with the pictures, I'd be (a little) rich.  It really isn't so fun that I have a camera stuck in their faces many times when they'd like to just enjoy the moment.

But every once in awhile it is a good thing that I'm a picture freak.  For instance, I have been known to be so engrossed in grabbing a great shot that I don't react like I normally would.  That can be a great thing.  Like when this guy slithered right in front of me.
 I was so excited that he was right there, so close that I could get a great shot...that I forgot to be scared that a creepy crawler was practically within reach of me.  Instead I was screeching, oh my goodness...I can't believe I had the camera out for this!!!!
In the back of my mind I had the thought...I bet I freak out over this later.  But I didn't.  Even now, when seeing the pictures I am just thrilled I got the shot.

So see kids, I'd be even more neurotic if I didn't take pictures all the time!  There is definitely a bright side to this obsession of mine!

Living the life in sunny Florida!