Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Flooding of Peace River

So much for landing in the Sunshine State!  When we landed in Peace River, we were surprised to see how hard it was raining.  It is rare for it to rain all day long here.  After being here for a few days, it was still raining.

Normally, rain is desperately needed in Florida.  I guess as all things though, too much of a good thing can be a very bad thing.  That seems to be the case here because all the rain caused the Peace River to flood.

Here you can see that the river is over the banks, and is covering the mini-golf area.
This is sad enough, but the real trouble is in the areas where the RV sites are at.  Some of the sites are covered in water.
Some of the sites are completely covered with water, including the electrical boxes.
It was pretty disturbing to see all the water here.
If it were not causing some issues for the park, it would be really enjoyable to look at because the water is rather pretty.
 We hope this does not cause major long term problems for the park here.


P & C said...

We will have to cancel the mini golf games, but we know we could of won! :)
No rain let ups for even pickle ball? :(

Brits On Tour said...

keep up the pic's for us. Look worse than when we saw some years ago.