Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ambir and Daniel's Visit

This past weekend, Ambir came to visit us.  She brought her boyfriend, Daniel, whom we were meeting for the first time.  We were so excited to have time with her in person.  I have missed my gorgeous girlie.

 We were super excited to meet Daniel finally.  We really liked getting to know him and we hope to spend more time with them together while we are here this summer.

We went over to the animal shelter across the street from us.  They seemed to enjoy that.
 We even got Austin to come with us.
 Most important during this trip was the fact we got them out on the pickleball court to learn the game.  Daniel was a natural, because he is an athlete.  Ambir picked up really fast too.
We introduced them to our favorite Ice Cream place.  They even ate breakfast at Paul's.  We fit in as much as we could.  Our time with them was too short, but they are hoping to come up and see us again soon.

Living the life in sunny Florida!


jaci said...

How nice that you got to spend time with Ambir and meet her beau. :)

DDonald said...

What a beautiful young lady - so much like her mom!