Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Today was the last Easter that we will have a minor child of ours living at home with us.  That same minor child spent the entire day working so I didn't get to give him his Easter basket until late tonight.  So to ease my sadness some, I dug out some old pictures of the kids on Easters from long ago.  I especially love this picture of the five of them in 2001.  Austin still makes that same face so it is proof to me that no matter how old they get, some things never change.

Thank goodness for the positives of them growing up, like the reality that the Princess is now here due to them growing up.  Her Easter pictures made my day!

We really did have a wonderful day, even though it was quiet.  Hoping everyone else did too!


jaci said...

Aw... Your Princess is adorable. And thank you for being here to commiserate with me as *I* go through the Empty Nest Syndrome. So not looking forward to Easter without children...

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Holidays are the hardest part of being away from the family -- but what we really miss is the way Holidays used to be when the kids were little -- and none of us would wish for those years to last forever.

I had the empty nest syndrome when the oldest left -- because it broke up the family unit of the six of us. When my youngest left, I was good and ready for the next phase!

Your granddaughter is adorable! And that definitely is the blessing of having grownup kids!