Monday, April 9, 2012

Showtime with the Lipizzan Horses

I have visited these horses and wrote about them enough times that I'm beginning to feel like a dating ad when I talk about them.  It's hard to not talk about how fabulous they are when you share pictures of them.  They are such gorgeous creatures. 
They are strong, impressive creatures!
They even have great hair!
What I don't think I've talked about yet, is the fact that they are clearly trained to be showmen.
Since I don't speak horse, I have no idea if they enjoy us being there or not.  But I can tell they are comfortable and used to us being there by how they interact with the crowd.
If those pictures were not proof enough, check out this one.
I swear he was looking at me saying," and hoooolllldddiiinnnngggg...please just take the shot already!"

Love the Lipizzaner horses.  Living the life in sunny Florida.


jaci said...

Cheesy Grin.