Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Beautiful Old Barn

When we drove by this beautiful old barn, I snapped a few drive by shots.  I mentioned to Nathan that it was one of those things that I would love to take 20 pictures of.  So he went back.  And I took 20 pictures of it.
 I really love old barns like this one.  They are so classic.  They have so many stories to tell.  I remembered my own stories of being in barns.  I remembered the smell of hay that goes along with being in a barn.  I remembered how scratchy that hay feels on bare summer feet and legs.  Nice memories go along with barns.
Truth be told, after I took my 20 shots, I then took 23 more.
I could have easily taken 43 more. 
Living the life in sunny Florida.

A PS to this post.  My MIL recently sent some beautiful pictures like these and told us that my FIL had wanted to take pictures of old building and make a book with them.  She said perhaps I could pick up that project.  I think it's very likely that I will do just that!