Monday, April 30, 2012

Special Sunday Drive

I haven't been blogging due to an unfortunate laptop and hard drive death that has me grieving for a few days and then working hard to get my new laptop set up the way I want it for several more days.  I did grab the camera yesterday and determined to blog our Sunday drive.

This one was extra special because Nathan got to pick what he wanted to do in honor of his 46th birthday that is happening in a few days.

We headed out bright and early and started out towards a new destination.  New to us at least.  We stopped at our local raw honey supplier first.
We encountered a neat little plane that flew right in front of us, very low to the ground.  Since we were in the country and there were no cars, Nathan stopped long enough for him to do another pass in front of us.
Then we passed one of FPL's power plants.
We passed the really neat Railroad Museum that the guys took the kids on the hobo train ride while Diana and I did scrapbooking together.
If anyone who knows this area has not figured out where we were going yet, the next few clues should give it away.  We went on a very cool bridge.  That is even cooler when driving with the convertible top down.
And we landed here:
We spent the whole day there, visiting the Sunken Gardens, eating a special dinner and then heading over to Fort De Soto county park.  We some some really special things while at the park, but I'll have to share that later because I have far too many pictures and words to fit them all in one blog post.  We had a great Sunday drive and Nathan said his pre-birthday celebration day was wonderful.