Monday, April 2, 2012

End of Season Work Party

It's an interesting dynamic when you work seasonal jobs.  Just about the time you start to really get to know your co-workers, the season is ending.  I still enjoy the opportunity to meet the people and form those bonds.  This past Thursday, we had an end of the season party at the bowling alley to celebrate the ending of this season.

Bill, who I worked with in Orlando, is settling down in a modular home in a park so we won't see him working here again.  Judy and Rick are heading to Yellowstone for the summer.  Donna and Rich are heading up to The Villages here in Florida.  Harold and Sylvia are heading out to other parts too. They all have exciting things planned and I am looking forward to hear what they are going to enjoy this summer.

From left to right is Sylvia and Harold, Judy and Rick, Bill, Donna and Rich and Nathan.  We are missing Brenda who was bowling with her league and Lee who had not arrived.  We had a really nice time eating great food and chatting with each other.  I really loved this group and hope most of us are here next year together again.