Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hershey PA to Gloucester VA

The rest of our trip happened today, we went from PA to VA. And if you are local to either, you know that is pronounced P-A to Virginia. No, I don't know why it is pronounced P-A when the rest of our country uses that as an abbreviation for the state name and therefore says the state name instead of the actual letters. Ask someone from P-A to explain it because I still haven't figured it out. It's like the state itself, just quirky and unique enough to make it even more endearing.

The drive was lovely, with the leaves just beginning to turn colors here. I am a bit sad that every place we have stayed the past month or so, the leaves are just beginning to come into their full peak of fall colors just as we are leaving. It also is causing it to feel as if we are not actually moving forward in time in some odd way. We stopped at a Chili's to eat lunch on the way. After finishing her meal, without even thinking, Auburn says she is heading home to check on Ace. "Home" being our RV which is parked in the lot so literally outside within a few feet. We jokingly told Austin he can't threaten to run away from home so he will now have to joke about running away to a "home". When we got outside, they were playing in our yard.We also saw something wonderful-the SUN. The sun has been hiding from us for over a week so I am giddy over its appearance.


April said...

I'm loving reading your blog! I guess I never really thought about why we say "P-A" before. Sorry, can't explain it, we just do. Lol.