Saturday, October 18, 2008

Jacksonville Museum of Science and History

Today we visited the Jacksonville Museum of Science and History. They had some cool hands on exhibits:
The kids really liked the voting booth since we've been discussing the upcoming election.
Lauren loved the whale display because it was a right whale. She is really into the right whale and is going to raise money to aid in the conservation because they are endangered. She knows tons about them so I'm not sure she learned any new facts, but she seemed to like seeing a life sized model of one.
We saw a science show that had experiments where the kids participated. This one used nitrogen and balloons:
This one used "Sparky", and they had one where we opened a door using an exploding balloon filled with hydrogen.

The real reason we came here today though was because they had a music display with Beatles items. Austin's number one love in life is the Beatles. He seemed to enjoy it.


Barb said...

Ah, Austin is a man after my own heart! :)