Friday, October 17, 2008

Jacksonville Beach

I wasn't necessarily all that excited about being back in Florida, or at least not any more excited than all of the other places we've been recently. However, when we got to the beach I remembered why I love Florida. Beyond the glorious amount of sunshine, the beaches are just fabulous to me. This is how Josh felt about it, and I agree with him:

We had fun doing all kinds of nature studies and other things like:

Eating Sand (the dog-not the girl)
Justice System using sand
Architecture using sand
Meditation using sand

and good ole skimboarding
And for those who are wondering whether the kids have a well rounded education, we also played tag at the playground. Yup, moms included. It's just part of the job. Or at least that's what we tell each other when we are running and squealing. To quote Josh, "it was a good one".