Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yet another day at the Beach

It rained this morning so the kids and I worked on a project together. My niece, Lauren, is raising money to aid in the preservation of the right whale so we made some colorful notebooks for her to sell.
In between the rain, we played pickleball. We don't have a court here, so we drew one with chalk on the end of the road. No net and not an actual court, but it will do for now. When we thought it had cleared up enough, we headed over to the beach. Austin took his cast net:We were the only ones on the whole beach and the reason was, it was soooooo windy that you could barely stand up in it. The waves were really high. He was stubborn though and insisted on trying. You can see his chair has blown over:Ace didn't seem to mind the wind either. He really loves the beach, wind or not.
Tonight we went out to eat at Whattaburger. We discovered this restaurant when in Port Richie and haven't found another one until here. We really like their burgers and their onion rings.

We've had a few near misses with my family this past week that have been disappointing for me. First, Ambir called and said my sister Sarah was there in South Florida and could we make it down. We were a good eight hours drive away at that point and she was leaving the next day. Then our niece Audri called yesterday and told us she was in Orlando to see the mouse. We were so bummed to be so close, yet not close enough to warrant a drive over there just to see her for a day. I hope she had a great time while here, and hoping next time we get to see her.


Anonymous said...

Hi Krystal, I received my special gifts today - and they are sooooo cute and perfect for me! I am going to use one at work, and one at home. How great is that! Thank you so much! I'm so glad you are having a great time - the beach looks so inviting... and cold! Are there shells there? We discovered last weekend that our dog, McKenzie loves water, too. We were near a small pond and took her off her leash for a minute, and she usually walks next to me, but she bee-lined it for the water! It was so much fun to watch her dog paddling everywhere! I totally get the KK thing - hot is the amazing way to eat them - and I KNOW I would NOT eat just one! When do you plan to be in CA? Hugs dear friend!

littlecastle said...

Hi Patti,

So glad you liked your notebooks. I was hoping you would. =) It was definitely not cold at the beach. The water was a bit chilly, but not bad at all. Yes, there were shells. How cute that McKenzie loved the water. We aren't going to head out west until winter is over. It's too ccccccold everywhere else right now. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow you guys, thanks for featuring our blog on the list of those you follow. That has never happened to me before. I was blown away!

I'm in awe of your talents, raising kids and having time to blog. We can only do it now because we're old and have no other responsibilities.;>) I love your blog; isn't the RV experience great! Sallie (FullTime-Life.Com)

littlecastle said...

You are welcome. I have so enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you for the compliments, but I am enjoying it so much that it's hard to think of it as anything bug fun. Yes, the RV experience is great! Krystal