Sunday, October 19, 2008

Krispy Kreme Live

 Today was one of those days that was just funky. You know, those days that you began to wonder if the universe could please just do one thing to indicate that it is not in fact against you? Nothing major, just overslept, tried to play pickle ball but too windy, tried to go to Kingsley Plantation but didn't know we'd have to take a ferry to get there so we bailed on it kinds of things. So my dear friend sees the grumpiness and in an attempt to be kind to us or the kids, offers to take the kids so we can go and "spend some alone time together". Key word being alone. So like all lame parents, we used that time to attend to our to do list and hit Lowe's.

All of that is to lead up to this: While leaving Lowe's, I see a Krispy Kreme donut store. And I see a sign lit up in the window, letting us know that HOT donuts were there. I think I shrieked. I'm not sure though because my brain wasn't fully engaged at that point.

When I lived in Boca, women always asked me if I had one (one being the divine donuts) HOT. You gotta eat them HOT. Once you try them HOT, you'll never go back. I'd roll my eyes and think to myself that surely there couldn't be that much difference between the HOT ones and the cold ones that I bought at the local gas station. "Sheesh, get a life," I'd think. Which is what I like to say to myself when I don't want to admit that someone has one-uppped me in some area.

So fast forward to today, when I could admit to my husband that the real truth in this area is that every time I hit the Krispy Kreme store, I missed them coming off the line HOT. In other words, I had no donut acquisition skills at all. That's ok though, because I got it right today. I begged, he consented and 10 minutes later I was in KK heaven. Oh my. For once, the experience exceeded the hype. I'm in love. Thank you universe for letting me know that you do indeed love me.