Thursday, November 13, 2008

FAQ-Are You Retired or Did You Win the Lottery?

Following the advice of a friend, I've decided to start trying to answer some of the questions that others ask us about our lifestyle. The first question everyone seems interested in is how can you financially afford to do this. It seems most people think we are either so wealthy that we can afford to do this due to that, or we are retired already. I would love to answer yes to either of those questions but the answer is no to both. It is comical to me that people are so confused as to how this could work any other way. My husband worked from home before we went on the road, and he works from home now. His job hasn't changed even though the house has. I think it shocks me that most people don't consider that option due to the increasing number of work at home positions.

I do understand that not everyone would be so accommodating to allow their employees to suddenly hit the road even if working from home. In that respect we may be a bit unique in that Nathan owns his own company. You never know until you ask though, whether working for yourself or someone else. Five years ago, I'd have never considered this to be possible. Once I got the idea that this might be a neat thing to do, we started saying how can we do this and things fell into place from there. I believe that to be true about most things in life so this wasn't the exception in our life necessarily, it was just one more goal we achieved.

I do want to note that this is not the only way to live on the road with your family. We are in the FOTR group which is full of families doing this. Each of our stories is different and how we achieve this goal is different. Some work jobs that are traveling jobs and go where work is, some find work in places where they go, some work from home like us and so on. If you want to do this, there is a way!