Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Citrus Tower~Clermont FL

Today we had to leave TT and head over to another resort. We drove by the Citrus Tower in Clermont and decided to stop to snap a picture. We will probably go inside of it while here.
When pulling out of the parking lot, we saw this cool Grape Ape truck. We see things like this all the time, not purple trucks, but neat things like this and rarely do I have my camera to capture it. So it was wonderful to me to be able to snap a pic of it.
We then ate at Tijuana Flats which we thought was good food for a very decent price.

Faye, who is one of the Pickle Ball goddesses, asked me if Austin is still playing pickle ball because she didn't see it on my blog. Yes, he is still playing. We now have to plan other activities around pickle ball. It kind of cramps my style, but he loves it so much that I work around it.

I normally only blog about things that I've managed to snap pictures of, so there are tons of things we do that don't make it to the blog. I'm now pondering whether I should add them whether I have pictures or not. To be honest, I rarely remember the next day what we do without pictures because I'm getting old-ish. So we'll see what I can do there.