Saturday, November 15, 2008

Moving Day-Back to TT

We have come to affectionately call the days we pack up and head out from one resort to another our moving days. For those that don't understand this part of our life, it takes about an hour to get things ready on the inside and about two hours to do the outside parts-give or take an hour.

The inside process is basically moving everything to a place where it is not going to fly all over the place while we travel and moving things out of the way so slides can be brought in. The TV antennae is lowered, the fantastic fans are closed shut and we make sure the doors are latched, the shower door is latched and all cabinet doors are shut tight.

The outside part is a bit trickier. Everything that is outside must be moved into the RV or the back of the truck. Depending on where we camped, sometimes we have to sweep off the top of the awning and slides for leaves, twigs and other debris. The slides are brought in. The RV is then hooked onto the truck. And last but not least, the sewer is dumped and unhooked and the same with the gray water tank.

We've got this part down to a science now so it is pretty mindless at this point. I hated these days to begin with, but have come to realize this is small stuff compared to the overall maintenance of a house and yard and now see it as part of the excitement of always seeing and doing something different. Sometime I'll try to remember to take pics of the process.


jaci said...

We do a lot of camping in the summers, so I can imagine. I'm very jealous of your mobile life (except you don't have a garden and I love my garden...)
This is so much fun to follow you!