Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fascinating People-Chuck

I've said a few times here that we meet the nicest people. We also meet the most interesting people. It has struck me how easy it is to think the "world" is whatever corner you live in is. Now that we are moving around often, I see it is enlarging our idea of what the "world" is. And we are still in one tiny corner of it.

People like Chuck are why our views are being enlarged. Austin met Chuck while we stayed at Bee's RV Resort. He saw him working on a boat and struck up a conversation. Chuck builds model boats:

Interesting? Interesting to me, because I can't imagine having the patience and persistence to finish such a project. Interesting to me because they are so life like. I imagine it takes real skill to do this.But what makes Chuck and his boats truly fascinating, is that he doesn't use a kit to build his boats. He doesn't even use stock pieces (if that is what they are called) to build these boats. The entire boat, or at least all of the wood pieces, are made out of coffee stirrer sticks. The sails are made out of t-shirts. This ended up being one of the neatest things Austin saw so far. And I agree. INCREDIBLE! From Austin: Chuck was a very nice man. He builds boats. One boat took him sixteen months to build. He wanted me to build one with him but we weren't there long enough. He's always had a boat, a real boat, since he was eighteen years old. He told me where the word sh*t comes from (Ship High In Transit) and the story behind it.

Me again: Thanks so much Chuck for sharing your boats with us and for letting us share with the world.


jaci said...

AMAZING! Thank you Krystal! That is WOW!!