Saturday, November 8, 2008

Wendy the Great

One of the downsides to having lots of online friends is that you don't get to spend face to face time with them. So I was hoping that one of the upsides to traveling would be that I would get to meet those people face to face. Today I was able to meet a newer friend, Wendy. As soon as we started talking it was as if we'd known each other for years. We just clicked. I've been stalking her blog for some time and found it interesting. I can see why now that I've met her. She is smart and interesting. Oh and she has great hair. If she weren't so sweet, I'd probably hate her. ;-> I wish I'd have had more time because I could have gabbed for hours more. She is moving to DC and I'm very excited about that because she already knows the city very well so when we go to visit she can help us navigate the city and tell us the best museums to see. Here is the three of us (Nathan tagged along) jamming to some very colorfully costumed men and their music.


Wendy Moira Angela Darling said...

Awww, what a sweet post. Mine is cheesy compared to